Guiding Principles

We are optimistic about our future and operate in a manner to create long-term growth and prosperity….and have fun doing it.

We are dedicated to the following principles:

Integrity - We deal fairly and honestly with our tenants, employees, brokers, vendors, contractors, shareholders, and other key stakeholders of the company.

Creativity - We value creativity and innovation and encourage our associates to develop solutions to the challenges we face.

Team Orientation - We recognize individual contributions in pursuit of team goals. We respect and capitalize on our diverse attributes and abilities, and instill trust and loyalty to maximize the effectiveness of the team. We support open communication and an informal, yet professional, work environment.

Development - We value personal and professional development and encourage individual growth through continuing education, training and community involvement. We strive to achieve an effective balance in our personal, professional and family lives.

Accountability - We jointly establish goals and performance standards and create an environment in which to excel.

Caring - We care about each other and strive to provide an enjoyable work environment and benefits to promote the health and well being of our employees and their families.

Community - We recognize that we are part of a larger community, with the duty to honor the environment and contribute to charitable causes.


Team Outings

Charity Events and Fundraisers